Showing off some of our mad skills at Just Dance!

  -  6 April 2014


Showing off some of our mad skills at Just Dance!

  -  4 April 2014

Every night is a great night to wear a onesie!

a50n asked: can you post a picture of the bottom of your feet?

Uh no

  -  22 March 2014

Recently I was asked how my weight loss journey has been going.. To be honest, I haven’t been focusing too much on losing weight, I’m more focused on toning and maintaining lately. I’m currently working as a courtesy clerk at Raley’s so I’ve been constantly working on my feet and running around. I’m taking a weight training class at my school, because I don’t really want to spend my money on a gym membership when I hardly have any time for myself anymore. My eating habits are still my main focus in keeping my body healthy, and at this point eating healthy is more of a habit rather than a chore.  I’m very happy with my body and my progress, but I still have room for improvement. As of today I have lost 51lbs since I started my weight loss journey.

lyriccc143 asked: How did you deal with going to school?

I am still a senior in high school. It’s stressful.. I hardly have anytime for myself, but I make it work. My sophomore year I didn’t do one assignment, so now I’m in the process of making up a year of credits before June.

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theoddlifeoftilliepatel asked: what's your instagram?


  -  27 February 2014

Proud mommy moment

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All I Want To Do - Nellibo ft. Monroe


Another song my boyfriend dropped! You’ll actually hear me in this song. Kind of embarrassing, but whatever will help them out! Check it out. This is by far my favorite.

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